Wolseley plumbing

Is Wolseley Plumb Centre?

Wolseley Highbury, formerly Plumb Center , specialises in plumbing , heating, drainage and parts. Ask about our always available Wolseley Exclusive Range offering great value and choice.

Is Wolseley trade only?

Specially manufactured products ( trade customers only ).

What is Wolseley?

Wolseley is part of Ferguson plc – the world’s leading specialist distributor of plumbing and heating products. As a leading plumbing, heating and cooling trade specialist merchant in the UK, we aim to be the first choice for trade customers across the country.

Who owns Plumb Center?

The owners of plumbing supply company Plumb Center have announced proposals to close their distribution centre in Warwickshire, putting 170 jobs at risk. The firm, known in the UK as Wolseley – part of multinational group Ferguson – said the Royal Leamington Spa closure was planned to happen within 18 months.

Who are Wolseley UK?

Wolseley UK is the UK’s leading distributor of plumbing and building materials and products, serving professionals in the construction industry through a number of trading brands.

How do you pronounce Wolseley?

Traditional IPA: ˈwʊlzliː 2 syllables: “WUULZ” + “lee”

Does Wolseley own Ferguson?

On Monday, England-based Wolseley plc officially completed its company rebranding and name change to Ferguson , and is now under the direction of a new CEO.

Who owns Wolseley?

Ferguson has approximately 35,000 employees across three regions. Its brands include Ferguson Enterprises (in the United States), Wolseley (in the United Kingdom and Canada) and William Wilson (in the United Kingdom).

How do you make a trading account?

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Is city plumbing part of Travis Perkins?

We are part of the Travis Perkins group who are the UK’s largest distributor of building materials helping build Britain for over 200 years. The P&H Head offices are located in Crick, Northamptonshire and centrally in Northampton town.