Sterling plumbing products

Is Sterling made by Kohler?

Sterling came into the Kohler fold in 1984, providing a mid-priced, full-line plumbing brand that was tough as it was beautiful. Since then, Sterling has been a brand of Kohler , a company with a world-class reputation of its own as the recognized leader in kitchen and bath design.

What are sterling tubs made of?

STERLING ® baths, showers and whirlpools are constructed from solid Vikrell® material for superior strength and durability. Color-molded throughout, bath and shower products made of Vikrell also feature a smooth, seamless appearance and are easy for one person to transport and install.

Who makes sterling tubs?

Kohler Co.

Are sterling bathtubs good?

Final Thoughts on Sterling Vikrell Bathtubs Vikrell style bathtubs are so popular because they really are for everyone. If you’re looking for a new bathtub all three of these models have some solid features. They offer well made construction and quality materials to keep the standard high.

What sterling means?

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

Is Vikrell better than acrylic?

They provide similar results in durability and appearance, but they’re totally different when it comes to cleaning. In short, Vikrell is an easier material to clean. While acrylic is better than many others out there, it just doesn’t offer the smoothness or the easy-to-clean surface that Vikrell does.

Does Vikrell crack?

Vikrell ® by Sterling | STERLING -Ensemble™ Series 7218, 60″ x 32″ x 74-3/4″ Shower Stall With Aging in Place Backerboards: Example of ceramic tile shower walls: The downside of this material is that the surface can be cracked or chipped fairly easily if struck by a heavy enough or sharp enough object.

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Does Vikrell stain?

Vikrell kitchen pieces are heat and stain resistant.

How do you clean a Sterling shower stall?

How to Clean a Sterling Shower Remain outside of the shower and move the head of the shower away from you. Spray the cleaner on one wall of the stall . Scrub the entire wall with a nonabrasive sponge. Rinse the soap off with the showerhead or a spray bottle.

Is Vikrell a good bathtub material?

Is Vikrell a good bathtub material ? Vikrell ® is a durable and flexible material that is similar to fiberglass. It is a great choice for showers and bathtubs because it’s waterproof, and it’s also durable enough that it won’t break or snap.

What is aging in place backer boards?

Age-in-place backing allows homeowners to add grab bars at any time as their needs change. Attach grab bars at the specified backer board locations only (see drawing below).

Where are Kohler toilets made?

Kohler has kept three U.S. toilet plants—in Kohler, Wis.; Brownsville, Texas, and Spartanburg, S.C.—and runs a large plant in Monterrey, Mexico .

Which is stronger Vikrell vs fiberglass?

The Vikrell also allows the higher ground benefits to install easily. Conversely, the Acrylic bathroom fixtures are more like a blend of all the strong components such as fiberglass , acrylic plastic, and other fillers. This material is stronger and reliable when it comes to durability.

What do you clean Vikrell with?

Always apply Vikrell cleaner with a nonabrasive cloth or sponge. Do not use steel wool, wire brushes or abrasive sponge pads. Use only nonscratch cleaning pads. Consider sink accessories such as bottom basin racks and rinse baskets to help protect the sink’s surface.