Pool plumbing schematics

How are pools plumbed?

Pool plumbing are the pipes that are buried underground, connecting the pool with the filter equipment. The suction lines, skimmer and main drain, are two pipes that connect into the pool pump, via a 3-way valve. The return line is the pipe that carries water from the pool filter, back to the wall return inlets.

What type of PVC is used for pool plumbing?

polyvinyl chloride

Do I need a check valve in my pool plumbing?

To capture the sun’s heat efficiently the piping in the solar panels must be full of water continuously. Without a check valve to stop backward flow, the water in the piping would be suck back down when the pump is shut off. The check valve should be installed in the pipe leading up to the solar panels.

How many returns does a pool need?

Returns: Pool water returns are places in the pool where water comes back in from the circulation system. A typical pool has two or three returns depending on the pool size.

Should pool main drain be open or closed?

Should the Main Drain Valve Be Open ? No, not if you are using a suction type of cleaner. The purpose of a pool main drain is to pull water from the bottom of the pool through the pump and filtration system.

Why is my pool vacuum losing suction?

Clogged tubes are one major reason why your pool vacuum lose suction . Vacuum hose connection and length can affect its performance. If your hose length is too short with the size of the swimming pool , then suction performance will be affected. Measure your pool size so does your pool cleaner hose to avoid the problem.

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How do I know if my pool bottom drain is working?

you can tell if your main drain is working by perhaps putting a leaf on it. If it sticks, its working . In any case though, the main drain is not why your pool is having a problem. It has nothing to do with your pool turning green.

What is the best PVC cement?

For home repairs and small plumbing projects we recommend using an Oatey brand PVC cement. Oatey is very easy to find at the local home improvement store. Both the big box stores carry it in various types.

Does threaded PVC need glue?

You cannot use PVC cement on threaded connections, as it chemically bonds PVC together, destroying the threads. Slip connections are easy to make, as all you need is a simple push to make a connection! These types of connections can be made permanent by using PVC primer and cement, two substances that go hand-in-hand.

How long does flexible PVC pipe last?

approximately 100 years

What is a suction side leak in a pool?

A suction side air leak is most commonly indicated by air under the pump lid. Or the pump wont even be able to suck water, only air. In a minor case you will just see a tiny stream air bubbles under the pump lid. And in some instances you will see air bubbles come back to the pool through the return jets.

Why does my pool lose water overnight?

If your pool lost water overnight and it is more than the quarter-inch due to evaporation, you probably have a leak. Evaporation accounts for a minor amount of water lost each day. Losing a half-inch or move overnight indicates a problem.

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How do you know if a pool valve is open or closed?

In order to tell if the valve is open or closed , the general rule is, if the handle is switched 90deg to the flow, it is off. As you can see from the diagram above, if the handle is in line with the flow path, it is on. Simple.