Plumbing diagram symbols

What are plumbing symbols?

Plumbing symbols are used when drawing house plans and diagrams. The purpose of these symbols is to indicate where the different elements of your plumbing system are located. Some of these symbols are self-explanatory, but others might be more difficult to interpret.

How do you read a plumbing plan?

How to Read Plumbing Blueprints Obtain a guide to the plumbing symbols on a blueprint. Spread the blueprint on a table, counter or other flat surface that will allow you to read the entire page at once. Read the schedules that accompany the blueprints. Identify the symbols for major plumbing fixtures such as sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets.

What is a riser in plumbing diagram?

Whenever new water or drain lines are to be installed, a plumbing riser . diagram is required. A plumbing riser diagram consists of water, drain and vent lines being installed. Indicate all pipe sizes and show cleanouts for the sanitary system. A sample of what a riser diagram consists of is shown above.

What do symbols on blueprints mean?

Blueprint drawings—as applied to the building-construction industry—are generally used to show how a building, object, or system is to be constructed, implemented, modified, or repaired. One of the main functions of graphic symbols on construction drawings is to reference other drawings within the set.

What is the symbol for a gate valve?

Gate Valves Its symbol looks like the outline of a bowtie with two straight lines crossing each other to form an “X”.

What does WCO stand for in plumbing?


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Do blueprints show plumbing?

Do the plans/ blueprints include plumbing and electrical? The rough plumbing is included on the plans showing the kitchen and bath fixture symbols and their locations. However, the location of where the pipes come into the house is site specific and not included on the plans.

How do you read architectural plans?

The Basics: How to Read Architectural Plans Be organized and diligent when reading plans . Start in upper left corner and work way across page so as not to miss any details. Read the plan cover sheet. There are often reference points that are used between professionals and sets of drawings . Review the plan index which provides a list of all plan sheets.

What is a riser for?

Risers are typically made from either plastic or concrete. They are large round pipes fitted over the septic tank cleanout opening and are long enough to extend the cleanout opening to the ground level. Quick access to the septic system for maintenance and pumping. No need to dig up your yard for septic maintenance.

How does a riser work?

The risers are located inside the tower, spanning the distance from the seafloor to the top of the tower and the buoyancy tanks. The buoyancy of the tanks keeps the risers tensioned in place. Flexible risers are then connected to the vertical risers and ultimately to the facility above.

What is a riser pipe used for?

A pipe to distribute water to multiple levels and to different locations in a house, to distribute cooking gas etc. Riser pipes also flush out water from the terrace during rainy seasons. Usually all these riser pipes are put in places during construction or elsewhere when any house is redone.

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What does a triangle mean on a drawing?

RE: Drafting symbol We use triangles to designate flag notes.

What are blueprints called now?

The term blueprint continues to be used less formally to refer to any floor plan (and even less formally, any type of plan). Practicing engineers, architects, and drafters just call them “drawings” or “prints”.