Plumbing abbreviations

What does PP stand for in plumbing?

Pressure-rated Polypropylene

What is CI in plumbing?

C.I. : Cast Iron. Describes the material type of certain valve components. Cast iron is comprised of the base element iron, and is mixed with other base elements, which results in the alloy, cast iron. Also known as Gray Iron.

What does LAV stand for in plumbing?


What is gully trap?

A gully trap is a basin in the ground that receives piped wastewater from your house before it enters the underground sewer (wastewater pipe). The basin has a water seal to prevent odours reaching the surface.

What does WB stand for in plumbing?

washing basin

What is a lavatory?

Lavatory , Lav, or Lavvy may refer to: Toilet, the plumbing fixture. Toilet (room), containing a toilet. Public toilet. Aircraft lavatory , the public toilet on an aircraft.

How do you install a gully trap?

How to install a gully trap ? The first step involves preparing the spot where you will install the gully trap . Underground drainage requires digging a hole in the ground. Stiffen the ground. Connect the sewage pipe to the gully trap . Pour concrete over the trap . Connect the gutter drain to the rainwater gully .

Do I need a gully trap?

The main purpose of the 110mm underground drainage gullies is to prevent any debris falling or blocking your drainage system. Our gully traps are perfect if you need to prevent any foul air or vermin from the sewer, entering your property.

What is the definition of a gully?

A gully is a deep valley that’s formed by water that runs across land and wears it away. When a stream or runoff from a heavy rainfall erodes the land and forms a ravine or ditch, the result is a gully .