Pfister plumbing

Is Price Pfister still in business?

Today, Pfister is owned by Spectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated Hardware and Home Improvement Group.

Is Pfister a good brand?

Pfister is a well-known brand with excellent customer service that stays on the cutting edge of technology, producing quality easy to install faucets.

Do Pfister faucets have a lifetime warranty?

You will be pleased to know that a Pfister faucet will give you years of beauty and durability. In fact, we at Pfister are so confident of our quality that we can offer you the following: Pfister Lifetime Limited Mechanical & Pfinish Warranty .

Where can I buy a Pfister faucet? is the leading online store for Pfister Faucets and Fixtures. For over 90 years Pfister has been a leader in high-quality kitchen & bar faucets , lavatory faucets , and tub & shower accessories.

Are Moen and Pfister interchangeable?

Save time and money by installing the new Pfister Universal Tub and Shower. It is compatible with existing Delta, Moen and Pfister valves already installed. Beautiful designs in a variety of finishes provide multiple choices for your upgrade project. A 5-function showerhead delivers an experience that is right for you.

Which is better Pfister or Moen?

You will find faucets under varying price ranges both in case of Moen and Pfister . However, after going through several customer reviews, we concluded that Moen offers greater quality for the given price when compared to Pfister . Moen faucets are decently priced and can go about for years if used in the right manner.

What brand faucet do plumbers recommend?

Moen : This brand is known for making faucets and shower heads that are both durable and stylish. A sleek, attractive Moen faucet or shower head should last for years without leaking or breaking.

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Who makes Pfister?

Since 1989, Pfister has been part of the Black and Decker family of products. In 2000, Black and Decker merged Kwikset with Pfister, creating such a flexible manufacturing process that custom kitchen faucet designs can be delivered to customers in as little as 8 weeks.

Who owns Pfister?

Spectrum Brands

Where is the model number on a Pfister faucet?

The model number is printed on a tag that is attached to the cold water supply line of the faucet . The supply line is located below the sink, countertop, bath rim, or behind the bowl of a bidet. The model number , or part number , is typically preceded by “P/N.”

Where can I buy Price Pfister parts?® is your source for faucet repair parts for Price Pfister , Delta, Moen, Valley and many other plumbing-related products.

How do I get rid of Pfister pop up drain?

Locate the ball rod, two slender metal sticks forming an L-shape, which runs from the faucet’s pop – up drain stopper knob down to the drain pipes beneath the sink. Remove the clip from the end of the ball rod by pinching the ends together and sliding it off the ball rod.

How do I fix a leaky Pfister kitchen faucet?

Problem : It is leaking / dripping under the handle Remove handle and dome cap. Let’s start by going under your countertop and turning off the water to your faucet . Tighten retainer ring. Tighten the retainer ring with a crescent wrench by turning clockwise. Reinstall handle. Test for leaking . Still leaking ?