Florida plumbing code 2017

What plumbing code does Florida use?


What is the base code for the 2017 6th Edition Florida Building Code?

2015 International Building Code

What is the current version of the Florida Building Code?

The 6th Edition of the Florida Building Code will go into effect on December 31, 2017 and will incorporate the latest version of the I- Codes (2015). The next edition of the I- Codes will be the 2018 I- Codes .

How deep should water lines be buried in Florida?

Water service pipe shall be installed not less than 12 inches ( 305 mm ) deep or less than 6 inches ( 152 mm ) below the frost line.

Are expansion tanks required in Florida?

Water heaters installed in compliance with the current plumbing code will have the required T & P Valve and thermal expansion tank . For public health protection, the water purveyor may require the installation of a check valve or backflow preventer downstream of the water meter.

How do I become a licensed plumber in Florida?

How do I become a Certified Plumbing Contractor in Florida ? Obtain a passing score on all parts of the Florida State Construction examination. Be at least 18 years of age. Meet the educational/experience requirements . Be of good moral character. Pay all applicable fees. Obtain worker’s compensation coverage.

What is the Florida Code?

When the first area code plan was introduced in 1947, the entire state was given the area code 305 . In 1953, the area code 813 was introduced for the western coast of Florida, and 904 was introduced for northern Florida in 1965. In 1988, area code 407 was introduced for the Orlando area.

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When did the Florida Building Code start?

March 1, 2002

What is Miami Dade hurricane code?

Make no mistake: Florida’s statewide building code , adopted in 2002, has made a real difference. Miami – Dade and Broward counties are part of a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone, where local code requires that a building’s entire envelope (including windows, doors, and eaves) incorporates lab-tested, wind-resistant design.

How deep is the main water line buried?

Water supply lines connect the household plumbing to the local mains water supply or sometimes to a well in rural areas. The lines run at least 3 feet below ground, which can make them difficult to find.

How deep can you dig in Florida?

It is only about 3 to 4 feet. Below the sand (or organic material) is limestone.

How far underground are water lines?

between 17 and 22 inches