Where are the demon doors in fable 2

Where is the demon door in Rookridge Fable 2?

Memory Lane. Location: Rookridge , fast travel to Oakfield Road and go forward. Continue going forward until you see a large clearing to your left. The demon door will be located there.

How do you kiss someone in Fable 2?

You can use the blow kiss expression at the door to get it to open. Or propose to someone in front of the door. Either method should work.

Where is the demon door in Wraithmarsh?

Terry Cotter’s Army: There is a Demon Door found across the stone bridge (near the area where you first visit Wraithmarsh ). To get inside, you need 10 followers to watch the Demon Door ‘s play. Inside, you will find a house. Move through the front door and out through the back to find Terry Cotter’s Army.

How do you get dreadlocks in Fable 2?

You can get Dreadlocks from “Curl Up And Dye” in Bloodstone.

What happens if you don’t kill whisper in fable?

Guest. Re: Killing whisper at arena? Well if your Evil and you kill her Thunder gets extra mad at you . I you dont kill her she doesnt die and if you are playing TLC she meets you later to say she is going back to her home land.

What is the demon doors name?

The person who knows the Demon Door’s name is ironically, at the Temple of Avo. He will tell you the name for a gem. The name is “HITS”.

How do you marry Lady GREY in fable?

Finally you must duel Thunder for the right to take the hand of Lady Grey . Once over, you may marry her without buying a ring. You will also receive 15,000 gold in dowry. Also when you marry Lady Grey , the hero will be able to enter the Demon Door at the Grey House.

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Where is the oldest part of the city Fable 2?

PS5 Games That Rocks – The Loop

# Clue Location
1. ” Oldest part of the city “ Bowerstone Old Town
2 . “Dark cathedral, overlooking the ocean” Rookridge, Oakfield Road
3. “Where the dead dwell” Bowerstone Cemetery, near the Shelley Crypt
4. “Life, fertility, rebirth” Oakfield, near Temple of Light

How do you get the middle finger expression in Fable 2?

Answers You have to go to the bowerstone bookstore and buy the book that is called the finger or something like that. User Info: GenocidEXReapeR. GenocidEXReapeR – 11 years ago 1 0. You have to complete the quest the hero of will and then the book appears in the bowerstone book store. User Info: towna.

How do you feed the Demon Doors in Fable 2?

Other Answers You have to kick the nearby chickens at the door . Kick a chicken right into the door it will explode and the door opens. The best way to get through the door is to turn off saftey mode, and hit the chicken until it explodes.