When do sprint center doors open

When did the Sprint Center open?

Can you bring a purse into the Sprint Center?

All guests are required to enter the facility through metal detectors and bags will be checked. Backpacks are not allowed in the facility .

Does Sprint Center have a clear bag policy?

Security: Unlike other arenas, there is no size limit on bags , but every bag is checked at the entrances; although, backpacks of any kind are prohibited. The Sprint Center also prohibits any iPads or tablets larger than 7”. For a full breakdown of their policies , check the FAQs on the Sprint Center website.

Who was at the Sprint Center last night?

Last night , in front of a sold-out, packed-to-the-rafters Sprint Center audience of nearly 17,000, Elton John sparkled. Quite literally: the 71-year-old superstar entertainer has never met a sequin or crystal he didn’t like.

Will Sprint Center be renamed?

T-Mobile US Inc. announced Thursday that it will rebrand Kansas City’s premier downtown arena from Sprint Center to T-Mobile Center . The name change comes on the heels of T-Mobile (Nasdaq: TMUS) completing its acquisition of Sprint Corp.

How many people fit in the Sprint Center?


Where in Kansas City is Arrowhead Stadium?

Arrowhead Stadium

Aerial view of Arrowhead Stadium ; part of Kauffman Stadium is shown in the top-left corner
Arrowhead Stadium Location in Missouri Show map of Missouri Show map of the United States Show all
Address 1 Arrowhead Drive
Location Kansas City , Missouri