What is a flush bolt for doors

What are flush bolts used for?

Flush bolts are used on pairs of doors to secure the inactive leaf, projecting into the frame head and into a floor strike. In this application, the active leaf would typically have a lockset which latches into a strike mounted on the edge of the inactive leaf.

How does a flush bolt work?

Automatic Flush Bolts deploy rods automatically into the door frame header and floor, when the active leaf is closed. The rods prevent the inactive leaf from being opened. When the active leaf is opened, the flush bolt rods retract on the inactive leaf, allowing both doors to open.

What is a manual flush bolt?

Manual flush bolts are often the preferred method of locking the inactive leaf on those pairs, rather than panic hardware on both leaves or automatic flush bolts and a coordinator.

What is a surface bolt?

Whether you work with double doors or dutch doors or want an added level of security at a standard door, surface bolts can give you the stability and security you need.

What is a door coordinator?

What a Coordinator does is “coordinates” the sequence of the doors closing. The Inactive door needs to close first, then the active leaf. Normally used on Double Door openings that are fire rated – due to each leaf required to be self latching and self closing.

What does a dust proof strike do?

The dust proof strike uses with flush bolts to prevent dirt, dust and debris from floor clogging strikes , could be with thresholds or without thresholds.

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How do you install a door coordinator?

How to install door coordinator ? Position the coordinator on outside of the top frame. Mark two mounting holes on outside of the top frame if the coordinator is on correct position. Drill and tap for #10-24 machine screws on metal door . For wood door application, a Strike Plate must be installed on top edge of the inactive door .