How to measure for a refrigerator french doors

How much space do I need to open a French door refrigerator?

Standard-depth refrigerators typically measure 30 to 35 inches in depth, as opposed to counter-depth refrigerators that sit flush with cabinetry. 3 Allow 3.75″ of clearance when installing along a wall. This will allow for the door to open 90 degrees without the handle contacting the wall.

How do I determine the size of my refrigerator?

Grab a tape measure and measure the width , depth and height of the inside of your refrigerator . Multiply the numbers together (W x D x H) and divide the total by 1728 to get the cubic feet. For example, if you have a refrigerator that measures 30″ wide by 30″ deep by 48″ high, you multiply 30 X 30 X 48.

What size refrigerator for a 36 opening?

1-8 of 8 Answers. The unit is 35 and 3/4 inches wide. If you’re installing next to a wall, you’ll need a minimum clearance of 3 and 3/4 inches for the door. Go to the store and measure, as you need a little breathing room on sides and in back.

Will a 36 inch refrigerator fit in a 36 inch opening?

The standard width opening for modern refrigerators is 36 inches , with this in mind, refrigerator manufacturers produce all current model refrigerators to be less than 36 inches wide. Most are 35 3/4 inches or less, this allows for the refrigerator to slide into the allotted space.

Can a French door fridge go next to a wall?

French doors on a refrigerator feature two doors that swing out from the center in opposite directions. A freezer drawer is usually installed at the bottom of the refrigerator unit, under the French doors . So you can use a French door refrigerator closer to a perpendicular wall .

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What is a standard size refrigerator?

Although the average size of a refrigerator varies depending on the type of fridge (bottom freezer, top freezer, French door or side-by-side), standard refrigerator dimensions range from 28 ¾ to 39 ¾ inches in width, 61 ¾ to 71 ¼ inches in height and 28 ¾ to 34 ⅝ inches in depth.

What is the most common refrigerator size?

Most top-mount refrigerator/freezer units range from about 23 to 36 inches in width, 65 to 69 inches in height, and 24 to 33 inches in depth. In addition, it will have an interior volume of between 10 and 25 cubic feet , with between 7.5 and 18 cubic feet (the majority) in the fridge part alone.

How much space is needed behind a refrigerator?

Plan Proper Ventilation Refrigerators need to breathe. If they are entirely boxed in, then there’s not much room for ventilation. When you measure the space for the refrigerator , and compare it to the size of the refrigerator , leave at least 1 inch of extra room for the back and the top of the refrigerator .

What is the actual width of a 36 inch refrigerator?


Will my refrigerator fit through the door?

Standard house doors are 30 inches or 36 inches. Measure the refrigerator from front to back, including the handle and back coils. Measure the refrigerator from side to side, if that distance appears smaller. If the shorter distance is less than the doorway by an inch or more, you’re ready to roll.

How much space is needed between fridge and island?

42 to 48 inches

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What size fridge do I need for a family of 3?

What size fridge do I need?

Family size Combined fridge & freezer size
1-2 people 200-380 litres
3 -4 people 350-530 litres
5+ people 440+ litres

What does height to top of case mean?

(Pictured below: An example of ” case height / height to top of cabinet” (the blue line) vs ” height to top of door hinge” (orange line). Being able to open the doors 90 degrees freely means you will have full access to everything inside and that you won’t risk scraping or dinging the doors when you open them.

What are standard appliance sizes?

Standard Kitchen Appliance Dimensions Stove (range), freestanding: 30″ wide X 36″ high X 25″ deep. Cooktop, built-in: Usually 30-36″ wide X 2.5-4″ high X 19-22″ deep. Wall oven, built-in: 30″ wide X variable height X 24″ deep. Dishwasher, built-in: 24″ wide X 35″ high x 24″ deep.