How to make rail and stile doors

What is a stile and rail wood door?

A stile and rail wood door is constructed from many vertical and horizontal pieces that are combined with a certain number of panels on the door . This style of door provides a very decorative finish and a unique look to a building or space. They can be very complex or simple in construction and design.

How do you measure a rail and stile door?

The rails and stiles are often the same width for an even border around the door . The length of the stiles will be equal to the height of the door . The width of the rails is equal to the width of the door , minus the width of 2 stiles , plus the depth of the panel groove / connection joint on each stile .

Do you cut rails and stiles first?

RAILS FIRST . This way, I always have a square edge against the router table fence when cutting the profiles on the edge with the stile bit. Another advantage is that you can clean up tearout from these cuts later, when you rout the profile on the edges.

How wide should rails and stiles be?

Raised or inset-panel doors have stiles and rails , both typically measuring 2 to 2-1/2 inches in width . Stiles and rails for doors almost always measure equally in width except when the top rail is arched — which can add another 2 inches to the top rail , making it 3 or 4 inches wide on both sides of the arch.

What part of a door is the style?

Stiles – The stiles are the vertical crosspieces which hold the door panels in place. The centre stile is called the muntin. Panels – These form the main body of the door , filling the spaces between the rails and the stiles.

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How do you measure for cabinet overlay doors?

Overlay refers to how much the door overlaps on the hinge side. You can determine this by measuring the width of the door , subtract the width of the opening and divide that in half. For example, if the door is 1” wider than the opening, that means it overlays 1/2″ on each side, so you would select 1/2″ overlay hinges.