Fable 2 demon doors

How many demon doors are in Fable 2?


Where is the demon door in Westcliff Fable 2?

User Info: Blinded_Fury. If you’re walking away from the Bandit Coast towards Westcliff Camp, it’s located past the broke down buildings (where the 20 key silver chest is), on a side path to the left, before you get to the area with the fog.

How do you become a demon in Fable 2?

User Info: ProphecyZ. At the end of the game you get to kill your child and eat it, do that and you become the demon .

How do you learn to kiss in Fable 2?

You can use the blow kiss expression at the door to get it to open. Or propose to someone in front of the door. Either method should work.

What is the best weapon in Fable 2?

Fable 2: The 10 Best Legendary Weapons In The Game, Ranked 8 The Rammer. 7 The Perforator. 6 The Calavera. 5 The Red Dragon. 4 The Wreckager. 3 The Hammerthyst . 2 Royal Sceptre. 1 The Daichi .

Where is the demon door in Wraithmarsh?

Terry Cotter’s Army: There is a Demon Door found across the stone bridge (near the area where you first visit Wraithmarsh ). To get inside, you need 10 followers to watch the Demon Door ‘s play. Inside, you will find a house. Move through the front door and out through the back to find Terry Cotter’s Army.

How do you become pure in Fable 2?

Just buy all of the caravans in the Gypsy village and lower their rents to -100%. You’ ll basically be so pure that you’ ll never be corrupt (unless you go out of your way to), and it’s not like they give you any sort of a reasonable profit anyway. Even at +100%, the gain you make from them is negligible.