Blinds for french doors

What blinds are best for French doors?

What blinds are best for french doors? INTU Blinds. In my opinion these blinds are the perfect choice for your french doors. Vertical Blinds . These are another good solution for French Doors but only if the doors open outward if your doors open in the Vertical blinds would get damaged when you open the doors. Roller Blinds . Wooden Venetian Blinds .

What are INTU blinds?

INTU blinds instead of having a four-sided frame, come with a headrail which sits on the face of the window at the top. Two discreet side channels that then run the length of the window, which keeps the blind under constant tension. The main differences between Perfect Fit blinds and Intu Blinds ?

How do you install blinds on a French door?

Here are the most important things to consider when installing blinds on a French door : Measure the Door . Take into consideration the door handle. Check your purchase. Make your marks. Drill your holes. Drill in your mounting brackets. Install your blinds into brackets and test blinds . Hold down bracket.

What do you put on French doors for privacy?

If you want a little more privacy than your French doors provide, you can choose from several small changes that will keep you hidden from prying eyes. Curtains. Adding curtains to your French doors is the most common way to make them more private. Blinds. Window Film. Paint.

What is considered a French door?

French door (n.): A door , usually one pair, of light construction with glass panes extending for most of its length. They also can be referred to as French windows.

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Are French doors more expensive than patio doors?

There isn’t too much between these types of patio doors but French doors tend to be on the more expensive side.

Are INTU blinds expensive?

So the INTU blinds are only made by companies who supply the trade and not by smaller manufacturers like ourselves. So they do have a higher price when compared to Perfect Fit.

How do INTU blinds work?

How does an Intu Blind work ? Intu blinds have a headrail which clips into the top of the window frame and the blind material runs up and down the window frame guided by a discreet cord that runs down either side of the window frame which keeps the blind under constant tension making them easy to open and close.

What is the difference between perfect fit and INTU blinds?

Whilst Intu blinds have much in common with Perfect Fit , unlike their counterparts, Intu blinds don’t have a frame that fits into the window. Instead, they have a surface fitted plastic cover at the top with an inbuilt slider that can operate the tilt function of the blind .

What size blinds do I need for French doors?

A great rule to remember is to add at least an inch to the width and at least three or four inches to the length of the door mount blind. This will provide you with extra blind width and length to provide added privacy and installation space.

How do you hang blinds without drilling holes?

How To Hang Blinds Without Drilling Holes Magnetic Blinds . The magnets at the back of these brackets make installation a rather seamless process. Tension Rods. Hang these blinds on a tension rod, which you can position inside your window trim. Command Strips. Self-Adhesive Blinds .

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Should you put curtains on French doors?

Should You Hang Curtains On French Doors ? Many people love French doors for their wide-open look and invitation to the outdoors. However, French doors don’t offer much privacy. We strongly recommend hanging curtains on French doors , so you have the option of displaying the doors or shielding the panes from public view.

How do you decorate a French door?

Take a peek at these 4 decorating tips and ideas to use on your french doors ! Add some full-length drapes. Paint them and leave them. If you like simplicity, pick out a great color and paint your doors . Curtain can do it too! Want something more casual? The bedroom… O the romance! The living room…